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Re: Do LOs get cold without onesies?

Originally Posted by divabeadz View Post
Hee cute that you're worrying about theory, a long sleeved tee with longies would be equally warm as a onesie and warm pants...the only difference is the onsie helps prevent the shirt from riding up. I think as long as you're buying tees that fit well (not too short or too snug where they're likely to ride up) then you will be fine. I actually preferred the fit of onesies, so I just snipped off the bottoms of a bunch of onesies and serged the edges so we had nice long onesie-style tees to go with our longies. Sorry for giggling, I hope that didn't come across as patronizing as that was not my intention, I just think it's cute how we (all momma's) worry about every detail to keep our babes perfectly cozy :-)
Thanks You made me smile. I'm a first time mom (obviously). I love your idea!
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