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I had a midwife appt today. I am 17 wks. My midwife ordered a, sonogram ..which I have never had her do before. ..but she has some concerns. She gave me a big hug and said she was really worried for awhile if we were going to pull through the severe morning sickness (i lost 25 lbs). I assumed I had hyperemesis from what I researched but she never said. But on the sono order for reason it says "hypermesis and grand multigravida". So apparently the hypermesis can cause some long term problems....i can get my sono at 20 wks...i will breathe easier to see that all is well.
They measured me today at 19 cm. I asked if that was on schedule..thinking it off...she said yes your 18.5 weeks so close to am 17 weeks! So now those 2 extra centemeters have me wondering if something is up. I So shouldnt question 2 measly cm's but what does a pregnant lady have to do but speculate about her pregnancy??
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