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Re: Angry.. another "nursing in church" vent...

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post
Given the fact that he wants to discuss it in person "with" my husband ... makes me think he's going to take their side. And then I'm not sure what I'll do.... I usually love my church and all the people in it... but if he agrees with them and says that I can't (or shouldn't) nurse in service, then either we need to find a new church or I'll stay home while hubby takes the kids, until she gets old enough to be on a more predictable schedule.

God bless!
Mama, this is ridiculous. You should be protected by common sense, but since that's not the case, fortunately you're also protected by law, and if your pastor is dense enough to ask you not to nurse, you'll need to inform him of this. If I were in your shoes and were told by a pastor not to nurse in his church, I would be so disgusted with the church in general and would have no desire to continue going there, but would probably stick around a few weeks longer and nurse just like normal, just to make a point. should definitely nurse during the meeting with your pastor
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