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Originally Posted by ohgirlohboyohno
We just started head start last week and I see a note in the folder that we need to schedule a home visit.

What are these home visits about?

Is it like a CPS visit? Do I need to make sure we have all kinds of food around, all kinds of safety stuff, Clean rooms? etc??


SO, I scheduled our appointment for 9 am (so I could get home after taking the kids to school at 8)...I thought it was kind of weird that all the teachers were still there...but didn't really put 2 and 2 at 9:20 the teacher calls me..."MsS. are you coming to our home visit today?"....I said yeah, I am here at home waiting"....she says "Oh we do them here at the school".....I said oh the note said "home visit".....she didn't understand how I could have messed that up we did it over the phone.
HA!! That's hilarious!! Seriously??
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