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Originally Posted by Teexie

Mama, this is ridiculous. You should be protected by common sense, but since that's not the case, fortunately you're also protected by law, and if your pastor is dense enough to ask you not to nurse, you'll need to inform him of this. If I were in your shoes and were told by a pastor not to nurse in his church, I would be so disgusted with the church in general and would have no desire to continue going there, but would probably stick around a few weeks longer and nurse just like normal, just to make a point. should definitely nurse during the meeting with your pastor
I agree. If he's going to try and stop you, Id just calmly tell him you are extremely disappointed he feels feeding your child the way God intended is socially unacceptable, and even though you have a legal right to nurse anywhere, you'd much rather find a more family friendly church that actually supports of new mothers.
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