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Re: Hat advice

Originally Posted by pagodagirl View Post

that owl hat is cute, cute, cut, but only goes up to 12 months, boo.
true...but if you know the gauge of your knitting, you can just cast on the correct number of stitches for the 2yo's size head (it talks about this in in the first part of the pattern). EG-if the kid's head is 25inches around (I have no idea if this is even in the realm of possible)--and your knitting at 5 stiches per inch (or whatever the pattern gauge is)--then you'd cast on 100 stitches (vs. the 90 or whatever it says for a 1yo with 19 inch head). I'm not staring at the pattern to get all these numbers right so this may be super confusing, but maybe that gives you the idea. You'll have to keep the proportions for the ear flaps correct, so a bit more thinking math involved, but you really should be able to size this pattern up for a bigger head without too much issue and still work the pattern very easily.

If you want...get the 2yo's head circumference and I'd be happy to work through the math logic with you (b/c this hat on my kid's head makes me smile because the cuteness is totally over the top ). Just PM me!
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