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Re: Lunch Box

Originally Posted by badmisterkitty View Post
If I were to buy a planetbox, it better last my kid their entire school career for that kind of money. Wow. I understand that it's quality, but geez....don't ever, ever lose it. Though if I think about it, if I spend $10 every year on a lunch box it would pay for itself in 6 years. So I guess there's that.

Sorry, I'm adding nothing to this conversation. My kid uses a cheap-O Target special that's not quite big enough for the ziploc container with compartments and a Thermos Funtainer. I hate it.
I was honestly spending way more than $10 a year on lunch supplies. I would either use ziplock bags, reusable bags or ziplock or other containers and all of the small containers were constantly getting lost or broken. My ds2 has used his planetbox for going on 2 years now and it is in great condition. I was afraid of him losing it as well but it hasn't happened yet. He told me it was easier to keep track of without all of the different containers.
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