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Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs
Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. Even though I thought it might never happen , I finally had baby #6. My water broke early Friday morning (10/12) and he was delivered at 1:50pm on Friday afternoon. He is my biggest baby by almost 2lbs. He was 9lbs 1oz, just as I expected. Everything went amazingly well and I had the exact birth that I've always wanted, no meds at all, not even a hep-lock (IV started, but not attached). Now, I'm bummed I won't ever do it again! Sort of! Anyway, things have been a little rougher than I had hoped or expected. As always, I'm having severe nipple pain, probably from thrush. (I have nursed 5 other children through many, many struggles including very stubborn and resistant thrush/yeast that took more than one child to even diagnose.) I'm now on meds and hoping the pain will get better quickly, but I do have actual open sores on my nips and that's a first for me. The nursing issue has really affected me because I was so hopeful it would go better this time. *sigh* Also, my 2.5 year olds are both reacting to the new baby, one with jealously, the other by testing us and acting out. New territory also as none of my other kids did this with the other births. So, on the HS'ing front, I'm thinking of it, but thinking "how in the world???"

Hope everyone is having a good week! I'll try to continue keeping up because we will start back up at some point and hopefully sooner rather than later.
Congrats!!!!!! I had terrible open sores as well with ds, I was on the path for it to happen with dd also but thank God our MW was a LC and helped us get her latch corrected. Could it have anything to do with the latch?
Take it easy and don't think about school for a bit! Enjoy your baby moon

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