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Re: Freezable Breakfast Recipes?

Breakfast burritos are great. Here is the recipe I use. I think I found it on pinterest
Breakfast Burritos Freezer Meal
21 eggs+a splash of milk +s&p + 1 cup spinach
18 slices of bacon fully cooked and cooled
about 8 cups of hashbrowns
shredded cheese
20 burrito sized flour tortillas

First I started by prepping all the ingredients:
scrambling the eggs and spinach (the spinach is totally optional, but you cant taste it, and it just adds a litte more nutrition)
cooking the bacon (I did it in the oven)
frying the hashbrowms in a little butter
and shredding the cheese (I used a food prosessor)

Then, after everything had cooled, I set up my assembly line and started rolling!
In each burrito I used about
1/2 cup eggs
1/4 cup hashbrowns
2 TBS bacon
sprinlke of cheese.

After all the burritos were rolled, I wrapped them tightly in plastic wrap, and put them in gallon freezer bags.
I ended up with almost 20 burritos
To reheat, unwrap, and microwave for about 2-3 minutes.
they are wonderful to have on hand, and I think we figured they cost around .80 cents per burrito, but they are HUGE compared to mcdonalds $1 burritos! And, I know exactly what is in them, so to me, they are totally worth the time!
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