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Re: If you had a hospital birth - did they allow pushing while squatting?

I haven't read the whole thread. I just had my natural hospital birth 5 days ago. I was allowed to push in any position I wanted. I didn't squat, but they did have a squat bar. For whatever reason, the only position I could handle while contracting was completely standing. We assumed I would push that way too. But, when it came down to it, I had an anterior lip that wouldn't budge and I needed to change positions to get my cervix to cooperate. I ended up on my side on the bed for my last 1-2 contractions, which was all it took to get that lip out of the way, and then 2-3 pushes and he was out. But, my OB was all set to deliver me standing up, or any other way, if she needed to.

I love my hospital. They were very hands off and let me do my thing. I did have monitoring, but it was intermittent and at the end when they wanted it on pretty much the whole time, the nurse just held it in place while I was standing so that I could move as much as I wanted.
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