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Re: Cloth diapering and foster care? To do it or not to do it?

Originally Posted by Rachcate View Post
Hi! I am new here. I am so happy to see so many foster parents on here! We are starting the process in January (unless I can convince the husband to go get a certain little girl in Ukraine... ).
What are your favorite diapers to use for foster babies? We'll take 0-3. Do you keep a stash of different sizes, and then buy specifically for your placement when you get one? Or ...?
I have 3 yo bio and a 5 yo adopted kids who we've used sposies with. We're switching my 5 yo to cloth now, so we have a stash of larger sizes already (mostly Fuzzibunz), if that makes a difference!
What I am doing is getting prefolds for all sizes, covers (mostly Bummis), wool soakers for night, AIOs for short trips to the grocery store,etc & disposables for longer trips/visitation. I have a few cute fitteds, but I'm trying not to go crazy with it LOL. I'll probably buy some Sandy's for overnight to use with the wool soakers. My absolute favorite diapers for performance are prefolds & Mother-Ease.
I dont recall what I used when we fostered before! Random cute fitteds, I think! LOL!
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