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Re: How do you help someone get started?

Start small! I am doing just prefolds and plain old Bummis and ProWraps so far. Having dealt with those (and not having spent a lot), I am now starting to feel around with what I might need/want with AIOs, fitteds, as well as the accessories (like liners, doublers, etc.). But from my really don't know what you need until you've CD'd for a bit. Like for example...I would have thought my baby would need doublers rather than liners. As it turns out, for him (so far), it's the opposite. His bum is sensitive, and he doesn't usually soak out. As another example, I was sure I would need pins or Snappis but my DS does great without them.

Start CHEAP and SMALL and build from there.

Also, maybe steer your friend to The Diaper Pin and other such places, where real people give their input on how different systems worked for them.
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