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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

Originally Posted by 3boys_mom View Post
Oy! I'm not sure what I will do with my oldest. He is insistent on doing things HIS way, even if HIS way warrants a wrong answer. It makes for fun times when doing math.

Anyone else dealing with an obstinate student?
Hi, I'll drop in since I've been lurking...I have a DS - 1st grade with ADHD and a SHORT attention span, DD who's 4 and does some pre-k stuff when she wants to - she loves to learn...then a 3 year old and 1 year old. We use a computer based program b/c my DS is obstinate about doing school 3boys_mom...that way he can argue with the computer but it backs me up and won't let him move forward until he's learned it...he argues less with me...we've been using which he loves...we may try to see which works best and when he's old enough we may try Switched on Schoolhouse...
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