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Re: You'd think I'd learn by now

You have to wait until they call you in to give the NP your pee. I don't like holding onto it in plain sight so I tuck it in my purse. Sometimes the wait is long too, so I'd rather not sit there and hold it the whole time.

I really love my midwife but the place is weird in general. For example, the OB who owns the office also does cosmetic surgery. So while I'm in the waiting room, there are 2 tv's on. One shows the news and another is about the procedures they offer (breast implants, liposuction, HCG diet, etc.). Like a fat pregnant woman really wants to see all that???? There's also a flyer stating that all current OB patients can get 50% off the procedures for being a current patient! Oh, and it lists vaginoplasty....which horrifies me because it makes me think I'm going to have a horrible delivery which will totally sabotage my lady bits!
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