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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
Heather--Congrats!!! And even though it was longer than the others, you still got in a few days before your due date. The nipple things stinks--I have been there. Hopefully your meds will kick in, baby will get things down and all will be well soon in that department. And hopefully your twins won't take too long to settle in and adjust to the new babe. How are the olders doing? If I were you I would take a big fat break while you and the kiddos adjust--it's a big adjustment! Well, you can do something if you/they feel like it, but try not to worry about what other people feel you should be doing as far as HS goes.

So I'm reading these posts about lapbooks, and I'll be honest--I don't know what that is. Is this some really cool thing that I'm missing out on?

Today here went much better than yesterday. We were able to do quite a bit this morning and Keegan is getting better and better with blending sounds. Unfortunatly while he's getting better at that, his sight reading is not going that well. I'm thinking about having him tested for dyslexia, but I'm not sure how to do that. I know schools don't dx it because I have looked at that option. I talked to his ped about it last year, but she wanted to wait until he had his glasses for a while and until he was a bit older before we looked into anything. She wasn't sure what to do either though, she said she only had one patient with dyslexia and she was already dx-ed before she got to our doc. Anyone know what to do? And if it makes a difference, we live in a very backwoods area, so resources around here are slim.
lapbooks are a way to put together stuff for a unit in a fun way. My son really likes the one we did on spiders and it was something we could do together because some of it was a little over his head(the grade level for this one started at 2nd grade).
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