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Re: Once a Month groceries?

When you buy your produce, make sure you get a large variety. Then order them for eating in terms of how long they last. Eat the berries first, the bananas second, the apples and oranges will last the longest, and when those are gone you go for your frozen/canned fruit. I have found that it works extremely well in making it a month that way. Fall is a great time for once a month shopping for veggies as squashes tend to last for a VERY long time. I will buy corn, green beans, cucumbers, tomatos, avocados, lettuce, and then a buttload of different squashes. I eat the cukes, tomatos, and avocados first, then the green beans, then the corn, and finally the squashes before going to the frozen/canned. It works really well. As for dairy, just freeze the milk (make sure you drink some off the top as it will expand) and when it thaws, just shake it really well. Tastes just the same.
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