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I'm 24 weeks pregnant and my YDD will be 2 next month. AF returned after she was 1 year old and we didn't plan to get pregnant, it happened (we weren't preventing). Based on the amount of time from going off BC until we convinced both previous pregnancies it took 8-9 months so I wouldn't say I get pregnant "easily" since its hasn't been within 1-2 months of trying. I was/am committed to breastfeeding YDD 2 years (I only nursed my oldest way less than a year). My supply has gone down but so has her need to nurse, we cuddle a lot now. I think me being pregnant has helped with her weaning but I still hope she's interested after baby comes so I have less worry about sibling rivalry (since she'll be a little over 2 years -- ODD was just over 3 and had a much better understanding), so I can tandem (and so she can help with those early engorgement days).

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