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Re: Second up at CottonBabies - a lot of different stuff!

Originally Posted by eileprose View Post
I finally got in touch with cotton babies. My 3 digit CC code was wrong. So I told them and they processed the card. My order status changed to pending payment, then the order disappeared! But now my CC shows the charge. UGG. I know its my fault that the number was typed wrong but why didn't they alert me? Why did it take me calling them to figure out that there is an issue? I just really wanted my 4 freetimes, I mean I ordered an albert and a lovelace and 2 colors!

I hope tomorrow that the order reappears. Its not even listed under my account. POOF! Like I never even made it.
Yikes I hope so, but when my 1st order disappeared it was gone forever and had to be manually input by c/s.
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