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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

My Sweet Seven- Oh that is exciting! And sounds like the smart way to go! Yay for paying off vehicles!

Debt is so frustrating. We were debt-free until 3 months ago... gotta love medical bills (how we went into debt the first time!) and van repairs. If all goes according to my plan, by March, we will be debt-free again. Knock on wood.

Well, Captain Obvious's therapy schedule is exhausting... being gone 6-7 hours everyday with the kids and coming home and feeding everyone and bed time... DH is going to take C.O. tomorrow so I have one day at home. Metalhead and Baby Girl are sick, so I'm not quite sure who got the wrong end of the deal on that one!
The plan is to freezer cook with any ounce of spare time tomorrow. 3-Cheese Baked Spaghetti x4, Cheesy Beefy Rice x3, Granola batches x3, and WW Pizza Crusts x3. A friend is coming over Friday morning (before therapy) to help me fold laundry and diapers! Without family around to help me, friends are golden! We had breakfast suppers on M and T and we ate out tonight and I feel soooo gross now.
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