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Re: Crib in the bathtub?

Originally Posted by mrspopo View Post
Thank you for all the comments and input. We still have a long time to decide, so we will keep thinking.

I wish there were usable closets, but they are all less than 2 x 3. A few people mentioned the fire danger that a firefighter wouldnt look in a bathroom for a baby. Would that be true of closets too?

Going off of our first baby, we need to get some space for me to sleep. I fall on the autism spectrum with sensory issues. The slightest touch or lightest sound jolts me awake. Not just the crying baby, any sound they make just makes me wide awake. I tried for 2 months with dd, but i was literally not sleeping.

I made a point of keeping the house loud so dd would be able to sleep through anything. After 6 months of her waking up from any sound and having a cranky kid all day, i finally made things quiet. I was purposefully avoiding having a baby that needed silence to sleep, but it didnt work out.

Moving a crying baby into her room would be a disaster at this point. I have never been able to sneak into her room without her waking up, let alone tending to a crying baby. Maybe in a year things will be different. But it would be nice to know there is a quiet option if we end up needing it.
have you tried sleeping with a weighted blanket?
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