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Re: Angry.. another "nursing in church" vent...

Originally Posted by iwiamandaiwi View Post
If you are happy with this church in every other way then why would you leave just because a few people are immature. I would point out to the pastor that you are just nourishing your child as God intended women to do when he created them and you are also protected by the law and it would be illegal for him to force you to stop. Many people are unaware that bfing is a protected right. I am sorry that you are having to deal with these people but please do not meekly back down and think you have to find a new church or miss it altogether just because some people are immature. That is THEIR issue and THEY need to get over it. Allowing them to force you out will only serve to strengthen their point of view that breasts are sexual and not meant for bfing. UGh, I hate meeting people like this. I mean especially in CHURCH! Why do they think God gave women breasts????
Have you ever read the Bible? Breasts are talked about in a sexual way many times in the Bible. They are also talked about for feeding babies too. You can't just ignore the sexuality of breasts. God created men with those desires and attraction to breasts. It would be just as wrong to tell them that they are not sexual.
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