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Re: Opened my first PP claim :/

[QUOTE=onegratefulmama;15815053]Were these the bags 50% off around labor day? I ordered 1 took about 10+ days but mine arrived.

Yes....and they still have not gotten here :/

If they aren't here by Friday I will escalate the claim. Someone hold me to it!

Really though, this is just starting to get crazy. As a seller, I would have already refunded for the purchase and still made sure the customer got them.

I am of half a mind to leave a pretty awful review, but I don't know if I could do it. I mean, we are closing in on 2 months!!

ETA: She did mail me back finally, but she sent it to the wrong person apparently. SO she sent that person a mailer so that person could send it to me...(sorry if I mentioned that already).
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