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Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings
If you want to diaper from day 1 I dont think you have enough diapers unless you have a large baby. I think you need at least another dozen newborn prefolds and 2 more covers. The OS diapers wont fit till baby is 10+ lbs and/or the cord has fallen off. Even on a big baby they will likely go above the cord stump. If you had a average baby (7.5ish lbs) you might be abe to get by with just a few more covers. You could use the premies and newborns at the same time an if you run out you could use the smalls with the rise folded down but itd be bulky. The premies work great the first few days but by the end of week one they out pee them and I hav to double them up.
But the easiest would be another dozen newborns. If you plan on using a snappi then 5 covers should work, but if you want to trifold Id probably go with 10.
Great start though! Im sure once baby hits the one size stage you have enough to wash every other day.
Dont forget wipes, wetbags, pail liner or hanging pail and isnappis

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I agree! You will probably want close to 3 dozen NB size diapers (all together, pfs, fitteds, etc.). That way you can wash about every other day and still have something to put on the baby while it's all washing.
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