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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Originally Posted by vjbakke View Post
9 chickens and 4 eggs most days . I know for sure 3 RSL's are moulting, It's been 3 green eggs and one or two brown ones lately. I noticed that my dom has a bald spot on her butt! She doesn't seem to be moulting other places, it is nothing but bare skin when she bends over in a roundish area right under her vent. Keeping an eye on it. She has been laying eggs this week, but slowing down. Her and the RSL that is not moulting are 2 weeks younger than the other RSL's. It rained today and the moulting girls looked soo bad and kinda funny when wet!
Two of my girls were picking their tail area when they had lice, I'm sure you probably already did this but did you check for creepy crawlies? I'm dreading next yr when my girls do their first true moult and we don't have eggs. I'll buy them from another farmer.. or maybe I'll break and freeze them. I can't stand store bought eggs now. They taste like a cardboard box.

Originally Posted by Bumstoppers View Post
Nope we haven't. I don't like eggs except for hard boiled.
What! So are the chickens just pets? You know, you might try the eggs from your hens just once. The flavor is so much better!
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