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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Elena I was wondering if maybe baby had a growth spurt and moved and it totally makes sense that this is what was going on. I remember that with my kids I'd often have 1-2 days of feeling no movement and feeling extra tired and then the bumps and wiggles had a different feel after that. I felt both my kids super early too so I'm hopeful it will be the same thing this time (just over 10w with DD, 12w with DS and I'm 8w today). I do have a doppler to help me through these no wiggles days-maybe that would be an option for you? Mine was bought used and pretty cheap and has been worth it's weight in gold. Reminds me to go dig for it because I just might be able to find the HB soon.

Still feel like crap here but a bit less as we changed my meds around. More Zofran and a different antihistamine and I'm actually able to eat and drink a bit now. Down 7lbs so hoping we can manage to at least stop the losing.
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