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I'm 8w too.

With both my boys I felt "something" starting at around 8.5-9 weeks. I felt flutters that were DEFINITELY baby starting in week 11 for both and got first kicks (solid thumps, not flutters) at 15-16 weeks. Felt them outside at 21 weeks with my first and 19 weeks with my second.

I'm 8 weeks today too and I swear I've felt something here and there--very faint and only like 4-5 times total in the last week--- all right after I peed while laying on my belly or having something heavy on my belly. DS likes "loving in the baby" as he calls it when he lays on my belly and talks to baby. The added pressure makes it easier to feel. And it seems like the sudden change of peeing might make baby wiggle a bit as my uterus moves back down and laying on my tummy puts just enough pressure on to make it possible to feel.

Hoping its not all in my head!

I spend half the day convinced baby had stopped growing and the other half thinking we're doing great. It's a roller coaster! 4 of my 6 losses were misses miscarriages, so the worry is ever present.

I'm 8 weeks---when can I have a good chance if picking up baby with the Doppler? Was 9 weeks with both the boys.

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