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Re: Is My Planned Diaper Stash Headed in the Right Direction?

My girl is almost 6 months and we've full-time ECed since 5 days old. She's always in a diaper, though... less stressful if we miss. I think you're on the right track. As someone else said, go aplix, not snaps... I got so sick of snaps just on her clothes! We basically do/did what you're planning... prefolds snappied, with a cover when we go out or at night. So easy!

Totally right that it's better not to buy too far ahead! Now that she rolls over and army-crawls away every time I try to put her diaper back on, I'm tired of traditional diaper styles (non-pullup!) I'm also worried about her getting scratched with a loose snappi since she's so active. I've made a few of these with detachable soakers since we line-dry, which are pretty nice. I'm experimenting with prefolds with elastic so that I can just pull them to her ankles for a pee and pull them up again as she flees. We also do split-crotch fleece pants with a prefold tucked into the belt, but that's not cute enough for going out. ;-)

We bought fitteds for this stage but they don't fit and never will... thighs are too small and waist is too big. So not buying ahead is a good idea because you don't know your baby's body type yet. At home and especially in a public bathroom, pull-ups work much better anyway, so I've decided not to buy any more fitteds.

I decided not to try ecapants because of the way they open... since it's winter, she'll be in pants anyway, so it's better to just pull everything down and back up.

For night-time, sometimes we catch and sometimes we miss, and when we miss, it's a big pee, so I just put 2 prefolds in the cover every night.

The mobile stage is definitely different from the newborn stage. She used to signal a lot better for pees, but now she's too busy exploring her world, and she gets upset if potty time isn't either fast or fun. So we use a mirror to make it fun and getting the diaper back on fast is the next goal.
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