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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Originally Posted by ingrid5699 View Post
Elena I was wondering if maybe baby had a growth spurt and moved and it totally makes sense that this is what was going on. I remember that with my kids I'd often have 1-2 days of feeling no movement and feeling extra tired and then the bumps and wiggles had a different feel after that. I felt both my kids super early too so I'm hopeful it will be the same thing this time (just over 10w with DD, 12w with DS and I'm 8w today). I do have a doppler to help me through these no wiggles days-maybe that would be an option for you? Mine was bought used and pretty cheap and has been worth it's weight in gold. Reminds me to go dig for it because I just might be able to find the HB soon.

Still feel like crap here but a bit less as we changed my meds around. More Zofran and a different antihistamine and I'm actually able to eat and drink a bit now. Down 7lbs so hoping we can manage to at least stop the losing.
I know my uterus definitely popped up late last week and over the weekend - I mean, it may have been up there before, but it is easy to find/feel now just resting my hand on my belly - 4 fingers below my belly button. And with the movement yesterday above where it was prior, I'm wondering if it was a combination of things: uterus growing and moving up out of the pelvis, Babe having more room to move up and growing. I wonder if a growth spurt in there makes them sleepier/lazier like it does when they're outside?
Anyhoo, whatever the reason, I'm just darn happy to feel something now. But it's definitely different now - harder wiggles, a few shoves (maybe kicks?).
And, again not convincing myself of reasons but the enter my head, I wonder if Babe was turned to my back for those few days - that would explain the lack of wiggles, but yet the strange stuff I felt now and then, like a lump bumping against me.
Thinking about it, maybe that's what scared me most, that I was feeling a bump instead of wiggles. And the bumps were not often at all. That is exactly how Elli moved when she did - I think she kinda floated around in there, and based on my movement or kids pushing on my belly, she would bump against the sides of my uterus and I would feel that. So feeling a bump instead of a wiggle from this Babe just scared the crap out of me.

Sorry to blab on there. Just thinking out loud.

I don't know if a doppler would help. We always were able to hear Elli's hb at appts and see it on u/s, until it stopped. So that alone wouldn't really bring me peace, although it would let us know if Babe had all ready died.
I'm hoping that I can relax a bit and just let things be, and get through the next few weeks... and then make it into the Dr's office. DH will have to be there with me. Can't do this without him. Thank goodness the office is open on Saturdays.

conservative for feeling less crappy with the med-change! I hope it continues for you and you're able to at least function and not lose.

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
With both my boys I felt "something" starting at around 8.5-9 weeks. I felt flutters that were DEFINITELY baby starting in week 11 for both and got first kicks (solid thumps, not flutters) at 15-16 weeks. Felt them outside at 21 weeks with my first and 19 weeks with my second.

I'm 8 weeks today too and I swear I've felt something here and there--very faint and only like 4-5 times total in the last week--- all right after I peed while laying on my belly or having something heavy on my belly. DS likes "loving in the baby" as he calls it when he lays on my belly and talks to baby. The added pressure makes it easier to feel. And it seems like the sudden change of peeing might make baby wiggle a bit as my uterus moves back down and laying on my tummy puts just enough pressure on to make it possible to feel.

Hoping its not all in my head!

I spend half the day convinced baby had stopped growing and the other half thinking we're doing great. It's a roller coaster! 4 of my 6 losses were misses miscarriages, so the worry is ever present.

I'm 8 weeks---when can I have a good chance if picking up baby with the Doppler? Was 9 weeks with both the boys.
I can't wait to be able to feel movement on the outside - especially because the kids love to feel it They were all so sad when they never got to feel Elli while she was alive.

Makes sense that you'd be able to feel more with pressure against your belly.
I've heard mamas on here say they were able to get the hb at 8 weeks, some say not until 10 weeks. Most Dr offices don't start trying until 12 weeks, just cuz it is difficult before then to get it easily. But at home, you'd have the time to play around, kwim?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
For real, yo. I even posted that picture on my Facebook last night and said, "The growth in my abdomen appears to be human in form." A teenage kid made a comment and said, "At least it's not a xenomorph."
HA! Love it! And, seriously, so true.
I can remember laying on the couch, pregnant with Levi, and DH and I just watching him moving in my belly (would have been, like, 24+ weeks). He would squirm and kick, making my belly shake and move, then he would push up (like he was getting on hands & knees) and push his bum and back up against me, which of course made a big bulge stick out there. DH was just shocked, lol. He said something about not knowing how I could stand having something doing that inside me
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