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Originally Posted by techanne
I'm jealous! When I suggested family cloth to my DH he said absolutely not.

Is he looking for a trade though? Like family cloth in exchange for lyscol wipes? I feel like TP is cheaper than lyscol wipes.
He was completely opposed when I mentioned it before, too! Never would have seen it coming.

I don't think it's a trade deal, I had a serious talk with him about the Lysol wipes because I felt he went back on his word. It was less about the wipes, more about him using them for things he said he wouldn't. He's a good man, he apologized and agreed to stop. We will still buy them for poo messes and a few other occasional things (like the raw chicken that leaked in the fridge, yuck), but that should mean buying the three pack from Costco a couple times a year.

I honestly wonder if maybe his sudden change of heart is due to a talk we had yesterday. He's been gripping and complaining at me for a week about all the stuff I had/have in the living room for a consignment sale, and it came to a head yesterday when I asked him to bring in all the stuff he shoved in the shed so I could get it ready. I was stressed and finally snapped when I heard him mutter under his breath "all this for $2" when he walked in the door. I flat out asked him if he thought I enjoyed doing all the work to prep things, and killing myself at drop off (33 weeks pregnant... Not fun), and then asked what I was going to get out of it. I'm not even shopping this sale, 100% of what I make is going to debt. I am wondering if it finally clicked that I'm working my tush off every way I can to get us debt free. Making big sacrifices while he makes me crazy wasting expensive stuff. One can hope anyway, right?

Oh, and for the record, I made a spray bottle of vinegar cleaner for him to clean the floor with after spraying diapers. He's been great about using it.
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