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Originally Posted by MrsHappyGoLucky
My husband has an obsession with being clean after going to the bathroom and it was killing us in TP. Not to mention our plumbing just can't keep up with the half rolls of TP he's flushing. Our compromise was to install our diaper sprayer early and use it as a bidet. He uses cut up flannel receiving blankets as wipes to dry off after spraying. I already had a wetbag and wash routine in place since I use mama cloth. I also bought really cheap TP this last time that's rough and awful to use...needless to say he prefers the diaper sprayer to the sandpaper
That's my DH, too! He uses more TP going once a day than I do for EVERYTHING in a day, and that's saying a lot since I pee twice an hour! Doesn't help that he's teaching DS to do the same. Sigh.
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