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gift for coach at school

I want to get something for my son's PE teacher for Christmas, but I really know nothing abut him. He's been so good with my son that I think he deserves something. he's probably overlooked by most everyone. My son is in K, started before even turning 5, never been to prek or any childcare, and was/is having a hard time adjusting. Many teachers (including asst principal) would try to drag him down the hallway (they don't allow parents in the school past the front desk). it didn't go over well with me, so after my protesting, we've gotten things a ton better. he responds much better to nice people talking to him than being dragged, go figure. anyway. Coach is one of the few that has approached him gently without me even asking. He gets down on his level and talks to him. I have no idea what to get him, though. i have no idea if he likes coffee or anything. Any suggestions on something thrifty???
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