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Re: Adenoids

My DS was always a mouth breather. He would drool and spit when he talked (when he was 1,2,3 years old). I had my friend who is a speech pathologist listen to him. She said he looked and sounded like a kid that was struggling to talk, swallow and breath all at the same time.

My brother has huge adenoids and had them removed when he was a kid. So that was in the back of my mind with DS.

We have Kaiser so they insisted we follow the "least invasive routes first". So we first did a nasal spray for allergies. Nada. Then we did a kids allergy medicine. No difference.

Then we got referred to allergy. They did an allergy work-up on him. No allergies detected with either food or nature.

Then we got referred to ENT. He scoped down and said - "Yep he has huge adenoids." His tonsils were fine.

He was 3 and we had the adenoids taken out and tubes put in at the same time since he always has fluid in his ears. That was on a Monday and on Friday I delivered DD2. LOL

Definitely worth it for us. He sleeps so much better. He doesn't snore anymore. He hardly ever gets sick. But huge for me the kid can talk, breathe, and NOT spit all at the same time.

Sure I was nervous about the surgery. But it was so positive that I just feel bad I waited until 3 1/2. The Kaiser process took us almost 8 months - to go through all the routes. That said I still love Kaiser and understand their reasoning, but I just wish it could have been quicker.

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