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Re: You'd think I'd learn by now

Originally Posted by Pampered Mama View Post
DDC from March 2012 :-)

I loved my mw office- they expect us to do our own pee test! They keep the bottle of strips in the bathroom, you go in, pee on the strip- and only need to show it to them if it turns green!

They have us do our own weight while we are in the bathroom as well- or just tell them you weighed at home
Oooh, this place sounds nice! My first OB's office required us to hold onto the cups as well. I chose this new place because it's smaller and there's less of a wait time. The old place...I once sat in the waiting room for over 3 hours!

My current midwife checks our weight but doesn't let us see the numbers. I weigh myself at home so it's no biggie.
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