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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

We did a short lesson as far as MFW today. They didn't have a ton in the lesson books, plus it is DH's day off. Now we'll spend most of the day hauling and stacking wood, and we may go see my squishy new nephew later if they don't have plans. I'm sure some of that can be counted as HSing...right? I mean, that's lifeskills....right? Hahaha...Lifeskills is my big-broad-wonderful catergory of "anything that doesn't have a real place." Sewing, cooking, cleaning, stacking wood, changing a tire....everyone needs lifeskills.

ETA: I was just sitting here thinking that this post probably doesn't come across that well to those who don't know me and think that maybe lifeskills is all we do or that it's the big bulk of of hours. It's not. We do plenty of regular stuff. But I do count LS sometimes when we need to round out our hours.

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