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Originally Posted by dancingingrace
I'm right there with ya...I LOVE to bake!! One of my dreams is to someday have a gourmet kitchen because I would actually use all of the little extras, and the space would be amazing! It is almost like a relaxation thing for me to bake, sometimes DH will say, "Why don't you just sit down and relax a little, you don't have to make anything." But, I just love it, and I love to try new things, as well! I can't wait until my girls are a little bigger, I'm a SAHM and we're going to homeschool, and I just can't wait until we can have baking days and just talk and "bond", lol.
My husband tells me the same! I tell him baking is relaxing for me, it is my "sitting down."

My niece is at the age where we have baking days when she comes over. I love it!
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