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Re: If you had a hospital birth - did they allow pushing while squatting?

You can do whatever you want with your labor and delivery. I assure you. Ready, this is how it goes:

Medical professional: We need you to get on the bed.
Mom: NO!

If they persist, repeat NO!, if they touch you, repeat NO! If they continue, it is assault. You can always reach down and catch your baby, instinctually, you most likely would anyway.

Your body is no less yours in the hospital, while birthing. You are the consumer, YOU are paying for their services. The Dr's hate any position that requires them to think, I swear. God Forbid they have an a$$ in their face or have to move to YOU. I swear they forget who pays them.

ETA: I was squatting while laboring with Anna and the nurse kept yelling at me to get on the bed and I told her NO, over and over until I just ignored her. My husband told her if she touched me, it would not be good. She backed off. I eventually got on the bed, when I was good and ready and got my epidural. But I would have complained of assault had she tried to touch and physically move me. My body is MINE. The nurse who came on after her was amazing and so great. I didnt get my epidural till I was 9.5 cms and they made me pant through "a lip" of cervix. My first birth was a much better experience, however. The staff was much more respectful.
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