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Originally Posted by southernbelle04
Not at all. If we have a third, I am choosing a repeat c/s, in spite of having a VBAC. My recovery was much worse with the VBAC (4th degree tear, then an infection) than my c/s recovery. DD2 also had complications with her heartrate dipping dangerously low while I pushed. It became one of those "get this baby out now or we're headed to the OR" situations. I had to have a vacuum assist and then her shoulder became stuck. She was also monitored in the NICU a few hours. My birth experience was much more dramatic and scary with the VBAC. I'm not sure I could go through all of that again. I was in a daze during the whole thing (from both exhaustion & stress).
See, that's what I'm afraid of! I'd rather just avoid all the stress and trauma to begin with. And honestly, I just want to take the easy way out. I kinda feel like I deserve it after my first experience! ;-)

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