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maternity leave

so here is my conundrum. By the time I have this baby i will have about a month of leave saved up. I have taken six weeks off with both of my other kids so if i stick to that then i have to take two weeks off unpaid. That would cost us about 1400. not too much of a deal, easily doable since we have been saving up a bit of money lately. The problem I am having here is that I've always felt like six weeks was just not long enough. This is our last baby and I REALLY want to take the max 12wks that I am allowed by the FMLA. I would have to take EIGHT of those weeks unpaid and it would cost us around 5500. that is a lot more difficult not to notice a loss of 5500. I am pretty sure that we could adjust and make it through but I just don't know if it is the right choice. Things would be a lot tighter than we are used to and while I am ok with that because I feel it would be worth it to spend that time with our new child as well as qt with my sons, I am afraid that dh will be upset at the lost wages. I have already brought it up to him a few times and he doesnt really want to talk about it. he gets easily stressed and if i press the issue then it will turn into a fight and that is the last thing I want. so anyways, what would you ladies do? would you take the pay cut and just tighten your belt a bit regardless of how hubby feels?
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