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Re: gift for coach at school

My mom is a teacher and we always took all of our teachers gifts. They were homemade and always went over very well. My mom would have us help her make candy each year. (This started in kindergarten and we did it until we graduated).

We made the following and each teacher got a mixed bag:

Buckeye balls= peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate
Opera creams= cream cheese and powdered sugar and butter frozen then dipped in chocolate
chocolate fudge
peanut butter fudge

My mom started scouting for likely containers at the end of each christmas season and would stock up for the next year. (I had 8 teachers during middle school, and there were 3 kids).

Container options:
empty christmas tree containers (they were hollowed out clear trees)
coffee mugs with the candy wrapped in season appropriate paper
candy tins

I'm not sure if all of these teachers were able to enjoy the presents because they knew my mom though, but most of the class who brought gifts were homemade in some extent. The teachers always asked my mom for the recipe of the opera creams those seemed to be the biggest hit. There wasn't a ton of candy in each one so it wasn't going to break anyones diet, and it was just enough to take home and share with their families, if they wanted. They also liked the mugs a lot, if they drank coffee. My mom does not drink coffee, but she uses mugs for storing pencils, drinking water and hot chocolate.

It truly is the thought that counts though. For instance my mom does not like chocolate or coffee, but if a family takes the time to give her a gift she is always greatly appreciative. The kids seem to really love giving their teachers presents as well. (I always did).

Now for the PE teacher specific present.... Maybe a t-shirt? or a nice warm jacket for outside classes? Ask your son too, he might have an idea of something he'd like to give him. Young kids can surprise you with their thoughtfulness.
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