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Re: poop training?

Same thing for me right now! DS will be 3 in 2 weeks and he is basically fully potty trained, even holds his pee at nap times and sometimes over night, but he refuses to go poop on the potty. The 2 times he did it we even took him to the store to get a new toy! Then we constantly reminded him when he played with the toy that he got it for going poop on the potty and how proud we were of him, etc. But 99% of the time he waits until he's in a pull up for bedtime or goes outside and does it in his underwear :/

I just don't know what to do either. We've tried candy, toys, praise, etc. Recently we've even been putting him in time-out for pooping in his underwear. He knows he needs to go on the potty.
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