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Re: How do you keep your body in shape between pregnanies?

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
I tend to go into extreme whole food eating.

With my first I gained around 80. Yes you read that correctly 80 pounds. And no my baby was not 75lbs like I was hoping.
I also gained 80 lbs with my first. It took about a year to come off. I did an exercise program of Denise Austin workouts on TV. I did two or three in a row. Sometimes I'd put DS in the baby carrier so I had a weight on.

I have a big space between my kids though. To stay in shape, I try to eat whole foods. I do eat sweets and junk food on occassion because I believe in everything in moderation. I have just started back at actually doing a real workoout program, but before that I did things like walking instead of taking the car, and babywearing while walking instead of using the stroller.

There are still exercises that you can do post-surgery. Even walking helps. I had abdominal surgery (not a c-section) and my doctor wanted me up walking everyday. He said it would help me heal faster.

ETA: (Obviously my doctor didn't want me trying to walk miles or anything, but he did want me to be up and moving around.)
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