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Re: How do you keep your body in shape between pregnanies?

Originally Posted by AnimalHouse View Post
I don't do any particular program or diet. Basically, I just try to eat balanced diet (that also includes sweets, because I don't believe in depriving myself ) and stay active. I don't count calories, but I try to be mindful that in order to lose weight, and maintain, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Because I allow myself to eat sweets and fast food, I have to make sure that my activity levels reflect that. I really like doing exercise DVDs at home... Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred is a good one. Going for walks or jogs twice a day are a nice, relaxing way for me to burn calories as well.
This is what I do and I'm lucky breastfeeding takes off the weight. Mine are 21 months apart and I gained 60 yes 60 with both. My body has a strange reaction and holds water when I am pregnant I loss about 40 the week after he was born. Right now I'm a little below the weight I was when DS2 was conceived.
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