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Question Muscle Soreness???

I was able to lose 25 lbs of baby weight in my first Body By Vi (Visalus) 90 Day Challenge without doing any exercise at all, just replacing two of my meals with the yummy shakes and the results were so unbelievable that I started promoting it too. Anyway, now that I've lost weight and have about 10 more lbs of baby weight to go, I want to get more fit as well, so I just started working out at the gym this week and I'm sooooo sore!

So I have two questions, maybe some of you can help me. Eventually, will I not feel like I was hit by a train after a good work out, or is that basically a sign of a good work out, no matter how fit you are? And secondly, am I supposed to go ahead and work out while I'm sore or rest until the soreness goes away? I've tried to research this online but all I find is conflicting opinion/information. Half the info says to rest, half of it says it's a myth. Your thoughts?

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