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Re: OBV Onesize Sidesnap with snap-in liner (MANY!) NWT

My ds wore them at birth at 9.5 lbs and could have gone smaller. They still fit him at 26 lbs, though they have a low rise type fit, which while I prefer, some people might not. My favorite thing about these was how fast they dried being only 2 layers thick at any one point and that means you can fold/add how you'd like to make them work for day or night. Right now since we go coverless and try to use the potty at home, I just use them with no liner and change as soon as he wets, and they are easy off to make it to the potty.

I know when I got them, they said up to 30 lbs which they probably will fit that far, but I don't know if the rise would be long enough for a 30 lbs 3 yo, kwim? But definitely for a younger baby.
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