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Originally Posted by TeachinAuntie
Fleece is a PITB to sew with. :/ You have to constantly clean your machine & make sure its oiled & the tension is correct.

I couldn't ever get a LOT of sewing of fleece done on my "old" sewing I use a newer machine with automatic tension adjustment and I do okay....but it takes a little time to get the hang of it.

You're doing everything right!
Thank you for the reinsurance I'm going to keep at it

Originally Posted by AniMommy
Same thickness?

Did rethreading the bobbin work?

Did you try a universal or ballpoint needle?

Is this the kind of machine that has a separate bobbing tension (usually the kind where the whole bobbin case comes out and you put the bobbin in it and snap it into machine)? There is a screw on the bobbin case to adjust but I don't know how.

Usually for me tangles underneath indicate that something isn't threaded correctly. Rethreading the whole machine fixes it for me.
I rethreaded the machine a few different times, used different types I thread.

Universal needle, I was doing some reading online today and I am going to get a ball pony needle and see if that may be the issue.

And yes to the bobbin question. It does have a screw. I'm going to try and read the manual again. Unfortunately it was stored in a bag with the oil which leaked all over it I can read the pages but it's hard lol. Going to see if I can find it online.

If all else fails, I'm taking it to serviced again

Thank you replying

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