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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

Doesn't sound normal, IMO. I would "shop around" for another OB.

First off, you can decline those early tests (pap, std) and can refuse any vaginal exams until... well, whenever you choose to allow them.
I don't understand him "requiring" the quad screen - I've never heard of a Dr requiring one, just recommending them.
Definitely don't agree with scheduling an induction - at least not at this point, and certainly not before 39 weeks!
An OB studied vaginas and uteri... what the hell business is it of his if you're still nursing or not?

I've never dealt with any of that crap from my Drs or OB. Anything I didn't want, I declined without them questioning me or lecturing me about it. Anything I wanted or requested, they did.
Maybe that's not the norm, though?!
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