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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

Even if you try for a VBAC, you have a +/- 30% chance of having a repeat C (and having labored beforehand). As you can tell from my avatar I've had a c/s and a vbac, and I'm glad I had the vbac, but in your shoes I think I'd strongly consider a repeat c/s. Birth is just one of those things where you can prepare only so much, and there are elements you just can't control. So you shouldn't feel any guilt about making a decision to have a repeat c/s when you can't guarantee that you wouldn't have one even by trying for a vbac. If a vaginal birth is important to you, then I support you trying for it, but if you have a strong preference for a repeat c/s, then I'd do that.

OK, I just thought of one thing . . . do you want to have a lot more children? If you want to have several more c-sections after this one, then I'd talk with your doctor about his/her recommendation. I have a friend who just had a horrible experience with placenta accreta with her third pregnancy. She said no one had given her any information on that when she was electing to have her second c/s. But as long as you are making an informed decision, then don't worry about what any other people think!
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