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Re: Cat Litter!!!

Originally Posted by Alaga View Post
Just wanted to make sure this point was repeated. Also, composting before applying to flower beds helps ensure the nutrient levels are more equalized (C:N ratios), and if the compost pile is warm enough, helps break down pathogens, etc (same concept as applying manure to fields).

FWIW, we use pine litter and love it. Smells yummy too!! [and we toss it in the trash once it's soiled]

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Yes, just about anything can be tossed in the trash including any cat litter whether it compostable litter or not. I prefer to compost for numerous reasons and it is especially thrifty!

Here is an excellent site about it. I like the idea of just finding a high area in the yard, digging a space for it and just leaving it after it's full for a nearby plant or tree to benefit from. I may try that also, instead of harvesting the compost and spreading on ornamental, not edible, flowerbeds.

pet waste composting
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