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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

My c-sections have been a lot more peaceful than my vaginal birth (a severe shoulder dystocia) was. And my babies are healthier for it... that said, I am not. Like a PP asked, do you plan to have more c-sections after this one?

I had a lot of adhesions after my 2nd c-section and it was very painful all the way up until I had my 3rd c-section. It was a rockier c-section because of it and had some other complications. They removed a lot of scar tissue which was great for a few months, but I am afraid I'm starting to have adhesion pain again and I think it's attached to my small intestine (I feel it when I eat too much, have gas, work on my abs, etc). I just don't feel put back together since my 3rd c-section. It has me really debating and cringing at the thought of a 4th c/s... DH is against it because he hates seeing me in pain, but I'd love a 5th baby. Of course, I'd have c-sections all over again because of my first son's issues and my inadequate pelvis, I just didn't know much about adhesions before my c-s (and I'm active and walk right after and frequently and all that).

So weigh your options carefully if you want more children. I totally understand being worried you would labor again and need one anyway (happened with my 2nd c-section and I was tired, but mainly so glad to have that thing out of me!!!). ((big hugs)).

Oh and totally get being unable to breastfeed (that is me... only make 2 tbsp. of breastmilk per feeding, no matter what I try and take). It really sucks.
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