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Re: If you had a hospital birth - did they allow pushing while squatting?

This was such a helpful thread. With my first, I really had no choice. I was berated by the nurses and OB for "not trying hard enough" while pushing. It was a horrible experience. I've been reading up on homebirths and birthing in general, and while I feel much more confident about having a pleasant experience this time, I've run into a few obstacles already.

Firstly, I work in one state and have to see a midwife in this particular state. She is not allowed to come to the hospital of my choice, nor will our insurance cover a homebirth. My home state has a fairly decent hospital for deliveries with a good reputation, including an Alternative Birth Center, but I cannot use it since my midwife will not be present. So I will be at this great hospital, but will be delivering with whoever is available. It really bums me out. I've asked DH to help me deliver at home, but he works nights and if I go into labor then, I'm on my own...with a 5 year old.
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